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Complete reference book for the use of herbs

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The first American System of Herbology
Lists comprehensive therapies for more than 140 common ailments and the properties of 120 commonly used herbs - All in alphabetical order for quick reference.

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Far more than a collection of folk recipes, this excellent reference book explains everything from the nature of disease to descriptions of herbs and the areas of the body they affect to preparations for tinctures, teas, infusions, and plasters, all in an easy to follow format. The herbs discussed are not hard to find. Herbal therapies for more than 140 diseases are catalogued, and the three indexes in this meticulously organized book cover general information, diseases, and herbs. Readers interested in herbology and traditional homeopathy will find this an invaluable resource.

5 of 5 stars I Highly Recommend This Book
Reviewer: Shadow from Tennessee, USA

I have managed a book store and currently work in one of the largest public libraries in the south. I have seen many books on using herbs for health and medical reasons. This is by far one of the best. For the last ten years I have recommended this book both personally and professionally. It is really not for the beginner, but if you are familiar with herbs, this is a book for your collection.

Great Herb Source
Reviewer: JK from San Francisco, California United States

I am buying this book again because my last copy is so worn. I have found this book to be extremely helpful to me. I am not necessarily well versed although I have done my own personal studying on this subject matter. It has helped me enormously in the information as well as the format. I do not find it cumbersome at all.

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