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Your Body Speaks Book

Your Body Speaks--Your Body Heals is Dr. Smokey Santillo's newest publication on nutritional healing. Projected release date: October 6, 2009.

A New Dimension in Nutritional Healing

Listen to your body speak...and learn to guide the healing power within.

  • Recognize your body's symptomatic expressions
  • Structure foundational formulas for energetic and physical imbalances using common foods and herbs
  • Foundational system of healing for doctors, health practitioners and layperson synthesizing Eastern and western Medicine
  • How Juice Plus+ can provide balanced base support for all therapies


  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1
    Environmental Causes of Disease
  • Chapter 2
    Detoxification: The First Step
  • Chapter 3
    Creating Foundational Formulas for Healing
  • Chapter 4
    Juice Plus+: How It Enhances Health and
    Supports Healing
  • Chapter 5
    Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend: Why It Works
  • Chapter 6
    Help for Hormonal Difficulties: Men and Women
  • Chapter 7
    Why Supplements Work or Don't Work
  • Appendix
    Get Smart Supplements

Paperback 6" x 9" 128 pages.
Copyright October, 2009

Volume orders (25 or more) are now being taken for early delivery just after printing. Call 1-888-796-5229 to place your order.

Individual orders (for less than 25 copies) can be made on the release date from this site.

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