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Dr. Smokey Santillo is a World-Class Masters Track & Field Champion. Here are some of his accomplishments:
Smokey Santillo Racing


  • Five-time Canadian National 100- and 200-Meter Champion
  • Eight-time New York State 100- and 200-Meter Champion
  • World Games 1995 - Anchored United States to Gold Medal in 4 x 100 Relay
  • World Games 1995 - Placed Sixth in the World in both 100- and 200-Meter Dashes
  • 2008 Tampa Bay Masters - First Place 100-Meter Champion
  • 2009 New Jersey Masters - First Place 100-Meter Champion
  • Won 84 Gold Medals in Track & Field between 1991 and 2009

Because of my personal experience with illness, I promise to make this web site a safe comfortable place for you to visit. A place you can find dependable information. To the best of my ability I will bring you the latest research on nutrition and scientific information.

As we look at outstanding healers and educators of the past and present, we find a common denominator among them and that is they have all endured their share of suffering. Suffering bestows upon us many gifts and with these gifts the inclination to share them with humanity. Honesty, love for all living things, compassion, spiritual guidance and unconditional acceptance are a few these gifts.


I will help you understand:

  • Which nutritional products and companies are the best and are backed up by scientific research.
  • Which books have the latest and most reliable information.
  • The relationship between enzymes and longevity.

I will provide you with information on all nutritional themes, for example:

  • Fruits and vegetables (anti-oxidants, phyto-chemicals)
  • Whole foods
  • Weight loss
  • The protein controversy
  • How to prevent age related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke.
  • The latest information on anti-aging.

I will show you how to avoid:

  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Learning disorders such as A.D.D and A.D.H.D.

I will share with you how to make:

  • A safer home
  • A safer world and give you global information that you and your children need to know, so in the future you can live a healthy life on this planet.

You can look at a person's credentials, universities and certificates but, credentials never made the healer. Credentials never taught the lessons suffering has to offer. Suffering opens up our inner world of intuition, sensitivity and inclines us to help others. I know these statements to be facts-I’ve had my share of suffering.

I’ve always said that the doctor of the future will be a person who will recommend to you the right kind of doctor for your condition. A backache could mean a kidney infection, dehydration, a vertebra out of place, stress, or you may just need a massage. In most situations individuals would not know if they needed a chiropractor a medical doctor, or a naturopath. Or if they just needed to drink more water.

With so many chronic diseases and epidemics in the United States and in the world today, it is an illogical statement to say; “What we are doing is working.”

I hope this web site will empower you and provide you with proper information so you may lead a healthy and wholesome life.

-Dr. Smokey Santillo N.D.

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